Monofoil X – Concentrate (Laundry)

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NEW! Get more for you money with this new concentrated formula. This 3:1 concentrate imparts durable biostatic activity to the surface of a wide variety of substrates. MonoFoil® X is effective against mold, mildew and algae as a static agent.

  • Create Antimicrobial Laundry for up to 15 Washes.  Simply add 4 oz in a rinse-cycle for every large load.
  • See directions

Use this to refill the MonoFoil MF-05 kit.

  • Indoor and outdoor anti-mold and anti-mildew spray
  • Ideal for use for kitchen, bathroom, air filters, spas, garbage cans, concrete and stone, plastics, fiberglass, metals, glass, wood, natural material, composites, and tile
  • Hard and soft surfaces