Monofoil M Ready to use

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NEW FORMULA: Monofoil® M is designed to work as a Sustainable surface protectant.  It is 10 times the protection of MonoFoil•D.  Apply to all areas that you wish to have this unique coating that will working for you when you are not.  It’s perfect balance of silane technology and natural ingredients make it as gentle as soap and water.

Color safe, and mild enough to use without gloves.  Provide an antimicrobial protective barrier to your treated surfaces that will work for you in between cleanings.  It leaves no harsh fumes, residue and will not discolor or dry out surfaces.  It is both gentle and effective.

Delivering the power of Monofoil® to protect your most important things…your family.

  • Indoor and outdoor Antimicrobial coating
  • Ideal for use on Plastics, fiberglass, metals, glass, wood, stone, natural material, composites, tile, laundry