How the Adventure Began...

In 2009 a team of biochemists, military specialists, businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs set out to change the world by creating a technology that would eliminate harmful germs permanently on any surface.  Together these Heroes dreamed of a world where sickness and disease were a thing of the past.  Where children could go to school without fear of sickness or germs.

One of the military men, a scientist named Nate, dreamed of making uniforms for his beloved and fellow servicemen.  He imagined germ-free uniforms that would always smell fresh and clean and would protect the soldiers from deadly infections.  This epic team of mythical heroes set out to use the gifts of technology and science to make the world free from dreaded germs!

After years in the lab they had done it!  The largest discovery in history in the tiniest of places.  They organized the most-humble of elements; oxygen, nitrogen, silicon and carbon into a mighty germ piercing, sustainable, electric powered, laser sword that could defeat even the nastiest of microbes.  This Foil performed like an army.  It bonded together linking arms, one sword next to another.  It adhered to any surface and became charged with electricity to defeat any onslaught of nasty microbe horde armies.  It was invincible, it was magnificent, it became the MonoFoil…

Each day in the lab was pure joy.  Every germ met the same fate, defeat.  Hope was alive.  The dream was a reality and it was time to bring this mighty weapon of health and wellbeing to the world!

The Science-Heroes instantly met a beast that opposed anything that would be good for people.  It was impressive in size and seemed to reach every corner of the earth with its stinking breath.  They met the dreaded Red-Tape beast.  It had many tentacles. Every time the Science Heroes would get touched by the Red-Tape Monster, gold would magically leave their purses and be gobbled up by Monster.  Days went by.  Then months and years.  The investors left having run out of gold, as did many of the entrepreneurs and businessmen.  Nate, the lonely scientist and military man of honor suddenly was kneeling and alone.  All of his gold and the gold of his once heroic team was gobble up by Red-Tape.  Red-Tape grew hungry and left Nate to his demise.  Then….

A speck of light pieced the darkness just over the horizon. A faint image from the past came a man dressed like a priest carrying the tiniest of packages in his hands.  Nate stood to attention, dusted off his mighty sword.  

The man was silent and stood stoic with is gray beard and messy hair.  All you could make out from this man was a foul odor and a faintly strange and tiny whimper.  He moved his hands and revealed the smallest of hairy-creatures.  It was a little tea-cup Yorkie.  It couldn’t have been more than 2 pounds and was shivering despite the covering of the cloak and the strange man’s hands.  Then he spoke, in a raspy deep tone, “Mia, Mia is her name.”  The tiny dog sniffed the air trying to catch a scent of the scientist.  He went on, “She is small, yes. And yet, when she peed on my cloak, it brought tears to my eyes, literally.  I know it’s hard to believe that Mia and her thimble size urine can take even the toughest warrior’s breath from him.  I’ve searched this mighty kingdom high and low, I’ve crossed water, defeated many a beast, I even encountered a Giant One-Eyed Red Beast.”  

Nate interrupted the priest, “you defeated Red-Tape?”  The Priest answered, “No son, I simply went around it. Why fight such a menace? I’m in search of an answer. I’m simply looking for a Breze of fresh air.  Mia may be tiny, but the problem I have is big. My journey has lead me to you.”

Nate pulled from his pocket the one thing that Red-Tape could never get, the Foil.  He sprayed the mighty power of the Foil onto the Priest’s cloak and instantly the foul smell was gone!  

The Priest jumped back in surprise as he was lightly refreshed by the fragrance.  “A Guard, a breath of fresh air”, he stated.  Mia jumped for joy as the smile returned to her friend’s face.  

The Priest spoke, “My problem is solved.  Your Foil and Guard has brought me relief.  You have a choice.  Stay here and be defeated, or come with me and change the world.  A world where uniforms like mine, can be odor free.  You, my son, are a hero.  What will you do?”

The Scientist dusted off his lab-coat, looked at Mia and said, “The tinniest of things solve the biggest problems. Let's go change the world!

The three of them still roam the world today, fighting evil red tape monsters and conquering smells wherever they go! If you want to be a smell slaying wonder like our hero, Nate, be sure to pick up your bottle of Apply Guard Odor Eliminator today!